Financial Services

A common question from buyers is whether we can assist in securing finance – and the answer is yes, we can. We have trusted finance partners who work with a panel of lenders to secure finance for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our partners have excellent relationships with their funding panels, ensuring that our clients benefit from competitive rates and exceptional service.

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We appreciate that our clients have a business to run and therefore time is a precious commodity so we ensure that we offer a valuable service that is both effective and efficient.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured business loans are a useful resource, particularly for businesses who are developing or in a growth phase. Our clients will often use funding to pay for partner buys ins/outs, practice acquisitions, refurbishments, MBO/MBI’s, marketing campaigns, stock, general working capital and case or fee acquisition.

Loans can also be used to fund recurring bills like insurance, tax and VAT.

Given their unsecured nature, the terms of the loans are typically shorter than those offered with security. This also ensures that you are not paying interest for longer than necessary! Loans are available from 3 months upwards.

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Asset Finance

If you are buying equipment for your business then asset finance is a useful option. We can provide guidance on securing finance lease or hire purchase options on nearly any equipment that a business may need, from cars to copiers and furniture to laptops.

We can also advise on the best routes to potentially raising capital against assets you already own or have recently purchased into the business.

For asset finance, the finance is secured against the equipment itself and terms usually range between 3-5 years.

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The Small Print

We will talk you through the “small print” so you understand what your obligations are. We will also provide you with information on exactly how we operate.

Please note that all of the above relates to business finance only – Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers are not regulated advisers and we provide a pathway to finance for our clients via recommended sources of expertise.

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