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Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers provide law & accountancy firm valuationss to solicitors, accountants and owners of law & accountancy firms and legal/finance businesses. We have been working with the legal & accountancy professions in recruitment, mergers & acquisitions for over 20 years.

Our market valuation reports are extremely detailed – we work through all aspects of your business, provide a market valuation, explain the positive and negative factors, advise on improvements to your business, give examples of suggested deal structures and offer information about recent offers & deals on the market at the present time.

Valuations are automatically included in our Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Services, but are also available separately.

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We assist with law firm & accountancy practice valuations

How long does it take to sell a law firm? When is it a good time to sell my business? Sellers – which service should I use? Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? What types of buyers purchase law firms and accountancy practices? What factors make for an easy sale? Who are you?

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I am a sole practitioner. Is my law firm worth anything? How much is my business worth? How secure is our data? Is my law firm worth 3 x my turnover? I've had a valuation from a third party business broker What experience do you have that qualifies you to value businesses?