FAQ’s – Selling Your Business

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Is my law firm worth 3 x my turnover? I’ve had a valuation from a third party business broker How long does it take to sell a law firm? Should I convert my sole practitioner law firm to a limited company? When is it a good time to sell my business? Can my business become stale if I put it up for sale and it stays on the market a long time? Are local competitors the best option for selling or merging a law firm? Sellers – which service should I use? Should I tell my staff I am planning to sell my firm? I have found a buyer or seller myself, but I want you to act as my adviser. Is this possible? I’m thinking of selling. What should I tell my PII broker? First steps for selling and exit strategies – can you advise? How do you allow for owner drawings when valuing a law firm? Where do I find a lawyer to complete my business purchase or sale? I’m fed up of running a law firm, can you help me? Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? What types of buyers purchase law firms and accountancy practices? If a buyer from another firm takes over my business, are they a successor law firm? What factors make for an easy sale? I have fallen out with my partner. Can I sell my share of the firm and what can I do to dispose of the practice and move on? I am a sole practitioner. Is my law firm worth anything? Do I need to tell my PII brokers that I am thinking of selling my law firm? How do we list our firm for sale or merger with you? What experience do you have that qualifies you to value businesses? Do you vet potential buyers before sending them through to us? How long will it take to sell my business? What price should I put on my law firm for sale? What experience do you have of selling law firms and accountancy practices? Do you get involved in negotiations? How much is my business worth? Are business brokers regulated? How do I list my firm for sale? What is the usual process for the purchase of a law firm? What do I need to prepare in order to sell my law firm? Where can I find a guide to selling a law firm? Do you provide law firm valuations? Do you offer due diligence services? What fees do you charge?

General FAQ's

Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? Are business brokers regulated? What underhand tactics do business brokers use? How secure is our data? Do you offer due diligence services?