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This is a selection from our database of potential buyers, updated weekly. We have over 400 registered potential accountancy firm and accountant client bank buyers.

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We have a very well regarded accountancy business based in Australia looking to buy into an accountancy practice in the UK. Their ideal target would be a practice with 3-5 accountants plus support staff, and/or a turnover of between £350k and £1.5 million. They will consider smaller companies as well. They will be looking to purchase a 51% stake in the company, and expect the owners to remain involved for the foreseeable future. The current owners will get the benefit of the future expansion as the buyers put extensive resources and business through the company and dramatically grow. Their target is to be a top 30 accounting practice within 5 years with further acquistions planned in Europe and the USA.The investor is a top 100 accountancy practice, with over 16,000 clients and c100 employees. The company has a strong ethos in value-based work. They are linked to a charitable foundation set up by their founders and would seek to make the same commitments in the UK. This is the ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their business, but lacks the finances to push forward , as well as benefit from the work the company can introduce.


Accountancy firm looking to acquire accountancy firms – 9 in total – £100-£500k per practice, Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man plus anywhere in the UK. Firm expanding – £3 million turnover.


Accountancy firm looking to buy small accountancy practices in the North West – payroll only clients and businesses looked at as well.


Accountant looking to purchase client blocks of up to £500k in value.


We have already acquired 2 accountancy firms in the last 2 years and are looking to acquire another firm in 2022. For the right fit we are willing to pay up to 1.4x GRF.


Accountant looking to purchase GRF c£200-300k in and around Borehamwood.


Individual accountant linked to a firm looking to acquire a practice and run it independently. All options considered.


Accountants looking to purchase payroll fees – spending up to £50k. Any location.


Accountancy firm looking to acquire a small accounting practice with a good block of recurring fees, ideally with at least 50% limited company clients. £100-250k range.


Accountant looking to purchase firms in the Dorset area. Poole ideally. £70k-£200k available.


Industry accountants looking to purchase their own firm.


Accountant looking to purchase a practice up to £250k in value – Kent and surrounding areas idea.


ACA Accountant looking to establish a partnership with a former colleague and able to spend c£800k to £1.5 million on GRF.


Accountant looking to purchase a fee block or firm in Essex. £100k fee block sought.


London firm looking to take over practices in and around London. Up to £200k to spend.


Looking to purchase firms where the sellers are retiring. £200k to £2 million in GRF. Retiring sellers will need to remain for a short period of time.


Surrey individual accountants looking to take over a practice in the area. Looking to spend around £100k


Hampshire firm looking to purchase fee blocks in the local area in order to expand. Up to £200k available.


Sussex accountants seek fee blocks from local retiring accountants.


Accountants in Harrow looking to purchase other accountancy firms around the area and further afield. Looking to pay up to £325k. Will require seller to remain for 12 months.


Accountant looking to invest in an accountancy practice in the London area. Up to £1 million in cash and financing available.


Bristol firm looking to take on another company with staff ideally. Expansion plans


Harrow firm of accountants looking to buy a small to meduim firm – aiming at a £200-500k turnover, 2 partner, 2 manager, 7 staff practice. Cash available


Chingford based accountants looking to purchase smaller accountancy practices in the area. Looking to expand.


Accountant moving out of employment back into practice, looking to purchase a company. London or Hertfordshire locations.

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