Exit Strategy Preparation Advice & Assistance

It is never too early to start preparing your business for sale. As part of our services to law & accountancy firms we provide advice & assistance to owners thinking about their future plans and exit strategies from their businesses.

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Plan for the future

We often find that as owners get towards the moment they are thinking about exiting the business, time has become something of the essence and the sale can turn into a bit of a mad dash towards the next professional indemnity insurance renewal deadline. As a result, planning goes out of the window and instead everything takes on a sudden (and very avoidable) urgency.

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Available at any time

There is never a time in the life of your business that as the owner you should not be thinking about the future and how to plan for it. This is why we offer business exiting & sale preparation advice, which is available at any time to business owners, whether they have plans to sell their firm in the next few months or in 20 years time. It is never too early to start thinking about preparing your business for sale. The service is either available as a standalone option for a fixed price or included at no extra cost with our Platinum Service for sellers.

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Specialist Expertise

We have many years’ experience handling the sale, disposal, merger and acquisition of law firms and accountancy practices. We know what improves the chances of a sale and issues that diminish the value of a firm. Our clients often start the sale process just before they are ready to move on, which means they are often not in a position to make changes to increase the value and improve their chances of success. This service is aimed at providing our expertise and guidance a lot earlier in the life of the business to give you the opportunity to make changes and create a successful exit strategy.

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Service Features

We will provide you with the following:

  • Business development advice – increase your profits
  • How to prepare the business for sale
  • How to plan for your future exit
  • How to make your business more saleable and interesting to buyers
  • Improvements to the firm’s structure, staffing and processes
  • Improvements to the chances of success for a future profitable exit
  • Creation of a timeline for future exit planning
  • Valuation based on current structure
  • Estimated potential valuation with suggested improvements
  • Likely deals based on current firm trading and future plans

The service includes:

  • Advice session with one of our consultants – face to face, Zoom or telephone call
  • Full detailed written report
  • Pre-sale preparation advice
  • Ongoing support as required

Our sale preparation and exit strategy service is included as part of the Platinum Service. It is also available as a standalone option. Exit Strategy Assistance is a bespoke service and we tailor it according to each client’s requirements.

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