10 Tips for Improving the Value of your Law Firm

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Financing a law firm acquisition –  how easy is it?

Obtaining finance to purchase a solicitor’s firm is not the easiest thing to do at any stage of a cycle in the economy. This article explains the usual route to obtaining funding to acquire a law firm. Law Firms Are Not an Easy Sell for Finance Finance tends to be available for acquiring businesses where […]


Does Future Potential Work add Value to my Law Firm?

Let’s take the typical firm of two partners, support staff, on the high street undertaking conveyancing, wills & probate and family law. The family law solicitor is retiring and the two partners have had enough and want to dispose of the business. Seller’s Perspective – Future Potential You can guarantee that one of the partners […]

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Improving the value of your law firm – 10 quick tips

Here are a few tips for making sure you have everything sorted out in your firm prior to considering a sale or disposal. By everything sorted out we mean the following: Accounts in Order All your accounts in order and fully explanatory, without anything missing. Make sure you have prepared copies of accounts that you […]

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Adding value to small law firms – will banks

Quantify your Wills Bank Will banks are one the areas we often get asked about by smaller firms. Does my will bank have a value? This depends on a number of factors, but one of the key points is always the same for most firms – wills are not organised, no data collation has been […]


Improving the value of your small law firm – Clean & Tidy

This article is more than just advice on making sure you have polished your name plate! Key feedback from buyers after initial meetings with sellers either at their offices or off site is the appearance of the seller and their firm. Individual appearance Feedback by a buyer from one meeting with a seller some years […]


Can I sell my smaller sized law firm to a local larger law firm?

I often have conversations with owners of law firms about their exit strategy, and I am often informed that the exit strategy is simply to contact larger firms locally, advise them that they are planning to exit and the large firm will pay them to take over the practice. The large firm will simply buy […]


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