Do you get involved in negotiations?

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Yes we do. We are happy to be as involved as the parties to the deal want us to be. Sometimes we have sellers and buyes who require our full input throughout. The seller will want us to communicate on their behalf with the buyer and their representatives and the buyer may well require us to keep channels of communication open with the seller. For other deals we will have virtually nothing to do with negotiations or communication and both sides will simply notify us once a deal has gone through.

We don’t mind how negotiations take place, although we have found that deals occur more effectively when a) both sides deal politely with other (conversely sellers or buyers who are unnecessarily aggressive or confrontational with each other tend to find that deals collapse) and b) the parties do not change the goalposts every 10 seconds – a common problem with negotiations that take place between the buyer and seller directly and not via 3rd party advisers.


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