I have found a buyer or seller myself, but I want you to act as my adviser. Is this possible?

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Yes it is. We are very happy to provide our services to any sellers or buyers of law firms or accountancy practices, and to act as your adviser on strategy and procedure throughout the process for a fixed price. The service level is the same as our Gold or Platinum Service (or our Platinum Plus Service if you want legal advice & full due diligence), so if you would like us to act as your advisers during a deal, simply sign up for one of our services and we will provide the necessary advice. This can include providing legal advice, assisting with templates where necessary, negotiating on your behalf with the other side, sourcing alternative buyers or sellers if wanted and providing you with a valuation which can be used by both or one party when it comes to setting a price. If you would like to instruct us as your advisers, simply get in touch to discuss with us, or click here to view our sellers’ services.


General FAQ's

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