What experience do you have that qualifies you to value businesses?

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No experience really gives anyone the knowledge to value a business coming through for sale. The information we give in relation to values of businesses is very specific to our experiences of deals that have gone before. Whilst we can give potential sellers and buyers an idea as to the sorts of values we expect a business to sell for, we do not ourselves provide specific valuations to law firms or accountancy practices other than where you have used our specialist valuation service (which is a paid service).

We will always be happy to provide details of previous deals we have come across that are relevant to your business or the business you are trying to buy, and also to give you an opinion as to the sort of value we expect to see a firm reaching. However, it is rare that we are able to change the minds of sellers if they have a set price in place, even if the set price is much higher than we would anticipate the firm selling for.

If you use our specialist valuation service a consultant will spend some time with you going through all your details, assessing previous deals and then coming up with a figure that he or she thinks you should be able to use, whether it is required for partnership valuations, asset valuations, partnership splits, sales of practices or for court proceedings.

However, it is important to bear in mind that it does not matter what valuation you get for a business, the value of a business depends entirely on the price that someone is prepared to pay for it.


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