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Locum Legal Counsel or Interim Lawyers

We have been working with locum solicitors, legal executives and barristers on in house legal assignments for many years. We are linked to the locum network operated by InterimLawyers.co.uk, the specialist locum website. Interim Lawyers offers support to law firms and in house departments looking for lawyers and legal support staff for short term contracts, whether for holiday cover, increased workload, expansion plans, extended annual leave, employee departure, retirement from practice, sickness or maternity leave. In relation to longer term assignments we also get requests from high net worth individuals and companies looking to take on their own lawyer to either work on a particular project or alternatively become the sole in house counsel on an ongoing basis. This way of using lawyers has been going on for many years and is increasingly common as hourly rates in law firms increase. You can save a significant sum of money (well over 75%) on the cost of a solicitor working on an hourly rate.

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