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Let us help you find your next role, progress your career and keep you updated with potential roles cropping up that may be of interest. Over 11,500 solicitors and legal executives trust our company to update them with potential roles and some of these lawyers have been registered with us for over 15 years. Complete the form below or email us your CV. You can upload a CV or further information as part of the process. All information is retained on our secure servers in the UK and not shared with third parties under any circumstances.

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When you register as a candidate with Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment we will contact you by email with potential roles cropping up that we think could be of interest to you, as well as a copy of our monthly information sheet. We avoid any telephone or mobile contact as much as possible unless urgent. We do not share your data with any third parties under any circumstances and all your information is stored on our secure servers in the UK in strict confidence. You can request removal of your data at any time and we are registered under the Data Protection Act as Limited. Please see our Ethical Business policies including our Privacy Promise to Candidates. Please note that you may get emails from us via our and our websites.

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