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Are business brokers regulated?

No is the quick answer and no is the even longer answer. In the UK anyone can set up as a business broker to buy and sell businesses. There are quite literally 100s if not 1000s of individuals, businesses, estate agents, accountants and lawyers who assist with the sale and purchase of businesses. There is […]


What is the usual process for the purchase of a law firm?

Sales Procedure – a Rough Outline A very rough outline of the procedure is as follows: All parties sign confidentiality undertakings. We agree terms with the buyer. The buyer is provided with information about the practice for sale. The parties meet or speak about plans and proposals. Proposals can be as varied as the partners […]


Where can I find a guide to selling a law firm?

As coincidence has it, we have a guide to selling a law firm available right here – no charge! If you have any questions about any of the advice or content, please contact us.


Do you provide law firm valuations?

Yes we do – we specialise in both law firms and accountancy practices and provide market valuations based on current deal experiences and suggested deal structures. Our valuations are used for a wide range of purposes including partnership disputes & divorce proceedings. We recommend getting a valuation done as a first step to considering the […]


What fees do you charge?

We offer very straightforward fees. Sellers pay no fees unless you use our premium services. Buyers pay a fixed fee, agreed at the outset, if a deal occurs. No deal, no fee. And that’s it. Further Details Our buyer fees tend to range from around £6k plus VAT up to £15k plus VAT, depending on […]


General FAQ's

Why are there so few accountancy firms for sale on your website? Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? Are business brokers regulated? What underhand tactics do business brokers use? How secure is our data? Do you offer due diligence services?