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Are business brokers regulated?

No is the quick answer and no is the even longer answer. In the UK anyone can set up as a business broker to buy and sell businesses. There are quite literally 100s if not 1000s of individuals, businesses, estate agents, accountants and lawyers who assist with the sale and purchase of businesses. There is […]


What underhand tactics do business brokers use?

The business broker and business transfer agent market in the UK has some really dodgy operators in it. A couple of the more regular tricks are below: 1. The small print – there are quite literally hundreds of articles and complaints on the internet about some of the larger and more sophisticated sales operations out […]


How secure is our data?

Owners of law firms and accountancy practices can be assured that any data sent to Jonathan Fagan is kept highly confidential. We never release any information about your business without your express consent in every circumstance and we do not divulge any detail to third parties. The only information ever disclosed to buyers about sellers […]


General FAQ's

Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? Are business brokers regulated? What underhand tactics do business brokers use? How secure is our data? Do you offer due diligence services?