How do we list our firm for sale or merger with you?

Call in Confidence: 0800 246 5001

Very simple – select the level of service you want to use – Bronze, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus, and then place your order. Full information here.

Next Steps

We will make contact with you to progress. This usually involves providing us with a range of information including your most recent accounts.

Paragraph of Sale

Once we have received the first batch of information, we will put together a proposed paragraph of sale, which will be the only information that is released to third parties without your express consent. This is usually brief and quite vague. If you have a look at our list of firms for sale (click here) you will see that some descriptions are extremely vague as to location, which of course anonymises your listing.


Once you have approved the paragraph of information we list your firm on our system for sale and notify our buyers that a new practice has gone live. If you have opted for our premium services, we will ensure you get priority in our regular weekly law firm for sale updates, and also our monthly newsletters which for law firms go out to 17,000 law firms & solicitors and for accountancy practices c8,500 accountants. For Platinum and Platinum Plus Sellers we will also commence advertising on various professional broker sites and in the Law Society Gazette (for law firms).

At all times we keep you updated with any new buyer enquiries that come through about your practice. Buyers will never know your identity without your express consent each time.

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General FAQ's

Why are there so few accountancy firms for sale on your website? Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? Are business brokers regulated? What underhand tactics do business brokers use? How secure is our data? Do you offer due diligence services?