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How do we list our firm for sale or merger with you?

Very simple – select the level of service you want to use – Bronze, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus, and then place your order. Full information here. Next Steps We will make contact with you to progress. This usually involves providing us with a range of information including your most recent accounts. Paragraph of Sale […]


Do you vet potential buyers before sending them through to us?

The answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes. We do a background check on everybody who comes our way and we also keep records as to previous conduct by potential buyers in relation to other firms they have enquired about. We notify our sellers of everything that we know about a […]


How long will it take to sell my business?

This is the first question we always get asked by everyone who lists their business on the Jonathan Fagan website. It is quite an easy question to answer because it is pretty much always ‘how long is a piece of string’. Law Firm Sales The usual length of a law firm sale depends on a […]


What price should I put on my law firm for sale?

We do not usually recommend indicating a sale price unless you have something very specific in mind. Law firms in particular are notoriously difficult to gauge a price for, because they do not have the same realisable assets that an accountancy firm for example has. Accountancy practices tend to be valued on the number of […]


Do you get involved in negotiations?

Yes we do. We are happy to be as involved as the parties to the deal want us to be. Sometimes we have sellers and buyes who require our full input throughout. The seller will want us to communicate on their behalf with the buyer and their representatives and the buyer may well require us […]


How much is my business worth?

You need to get a full valuation from us in order to answer this question. Click here to request a quote. Our valuations are extremely detailed and include advice on improving value and saleabilty of your business. Business value tends to be the number one question for just about everyone running a law or accountancy […]


Are business brokers regulated?

No is the quick answer and no is the even longer answer. In the UK anyone can set up as a business broker to buy and sell businesses. There are quite literally 100s if not 1000s of individuals, businesses, estate agents, accountants and lawyers who assist with the sale and purchase of businesses. There is […]


General FAQ's

Why are there so few accountancy firms for sale on your website? Do you provide accountancy practice valuations? Are business brokers regulated? What underhand tactics do business brokers use? How secure is our data? Do you offer due diligence services?